Talk? Think? Teach?

You might be wondering why I have titled my blog ‘Talk, Think, Teach’ or you might be sitting there going, ‘It’s pretty obvious, why are you writing a blog post about it?’ Well, I hope it is the former, otherwise you’ve wasted time coming on to this blog post. Sorry. Anyway, for those of youContinue reading “Talk? Think? Teach?”

Advice to the Next Generation

Last week, saw the end of my two year training to become a teacher – QTS, tick. NQT, tick. Woohoo! It’s made me think about what is important to thrive as a trainee/NQT, especially as there are lots of trainees out there in the #edutwitter sphere clambering about asking what they need to do toContinue reading “Advice to the Next Generation”

Don’t just show up for the party

*This was a long post that I initially posted on my Facebook the day of Pride in London, and thought I would share it on here, too. Today, London should have been packed full of crowds, rainbows everywhere and glitter dusted over every surface. Today should have been #LondonPride but #COVID19 got in the way. It’s a little bitContinue reading “Don’t just show up for the party”