Wellbeing: going beyond the buzzword

*Some of the research and arguments presented in this blog post have been pulled from my PGCE assignment into policy and practice in education. Why wellbeing? In recent years, there has been a boom in interest in wellbeing as part of the growing mental health crisis in society. These debates have not been excluded fromContinue reading “Wellbeing: going beyond the buzzword”

What is Leadership?

This year I have been placed on a Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship course, or as the Federation I work for are calling it a Diploma in Team Leadership. I jumped at the chance to do this course, as even though I have been a leader and manager in my previous lives in politics andContinue reading “What is Leadership?”

Simplicity Rules, okay?

During my NQT year, my mentor liked to have lots of conversations about how to improve my workload, so that I never felt overwhelmed. He knew that I was someone who would take on a lot of jobs, and along side being an NQT, I was also starting out as my school’s More Able CoordinatorContinue reading “Simplicity Rules, okay?”

Plugging the gaps to #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY

The phenomenal campaigning and co-ordination by Marcus Rashford on #FreeSchoolMeals and #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY is astounding. The galvanisation of civil society to step up to the plate where the Government have absconded their duties is one to be well and truly applauded. As someone who spent a big chunk of my career in politics as a SeniorContinue reading “Plugging the gaps to #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY”

Why the #FreeSchoolMeals vote stung

In reaction to the #FreeSchoolMeals debate in the House of Commons a few days ago, something hit differently. This is just business as usual for the Conservatives This was not the first time that the Tories had tried to take food out of the mouths of children. When I used to work in politics, itContinue reading “Why the #FreeSchoolMeals vote stung”

Motivating the “More Able” during Lockdown

One Monday morning, nearing the end of my training year, I was quietly sat in our staff room plodding away at amending a lesson for later in the week, when the Headteacher popped his head round the door and cryptically told me to “Keep an eye on the staff bulletin this week – there’s somethingContinue reading “Motivating the “More Able” during Lockdown”

Blast!! And the quote is …. gone?

Before training to become a teacher, many moons ago, I had gone through many different phases about what subject I wanted to teach. First, it was History. Then it was Art & Design – short-lived, as I soon realised I wasn’t good enough to be an Art teacher and didn’t have the patience for ArtContinue reading “Blast!! And the quote is …. gone?”

To display or not to display?

The moment a teacher gets their own classroom is an exciting one. It’s kinda like getting your own home (not that I have had that experience … yet), but it’s what I imagine is a similar feeling. Your mind starts racing about how you are going to set up your classroom (will you have yourContinue reading “To display or not to display?”

Book Review: When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

Back in my first post, I talked about how over the summer I always like to really hone in on my reading – one because it is enjoyable to me, but two, it also allows me to spend some time exploring history and teaching in ways that I may not have the time to doContinue reading “Book Review: When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit”