Talk? Think? Teach?

You might be wondering why I have titled my blog ‘Talk, Think, Teach’ or you might be sitting there going, ‘It’s pretty obvious, why are you writing a blog post about it?’ Well, I hope it is the former, otherwise you’ve wasted time coming on to this blog post. Sorry.

Anyway, for those of you who want to understand more about what the title of my blog is all about, here it goes …

It all started when I wanted to fill out my Twitter bio …

I wanted it to say more about who I was – obviously, the account is used as a professional teacher’s account so it had to include me as a teacher, but I’m also proud of my life before going into teaching and being a career changer, so I also wanted to add that in, too. Hence the ‘retired MP’s “bag carrier” line.

Alongside the more dry professionalism, I wanted to include a little bit of ‘flavour’ about myself … I’m not always a teacher, so I included that I am a bookworm, big fan of 90s and 00s R&B and a proud gay man. But there was still some space left … what could I do with it?

That’s when I had my light bulb moment. I needed to make it clearer why I am using Twitter for teacher-related stuff and being a big fan of alliteration, I came up with the line: ‘always looking to talk, think and teach better History’.

I thought it pretty much summed up my approach to #edutwitter, growing my PL network and engaging in the various types of CPD I throw myself into – short, sweet and simple.

For those who know me, both personally and professionally, once you get me talking about a topic that I am interested in then there is no shutting me up, and that can be about an historical period I have studied, the latest drama going on in my life or simply, what I did that day. That’s where the TALK comes into it.

I’m also a massive over-thinker, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the worst, but I do like to think about stuff especially after I have talked about some ideas, strategies or policies within education. I like to have the ideas stewing softly at the back of my mind and then bring them forward when I have some space and time to think more in-depth. I hardly ever shut off. That’s where the THINK comes into it.

And finally, I’m a teacher – duh. I like to take the ideas that I have talked about and thought about and take them into my classroom practice. That’s why I enjoyed the School Direct route that I took to become a qualified teacher – having that one day a week, every week, out of the classroom and school environment to talk and think about teaching allowed me to really hone my practice and development. So, that’s where the TEACH comes into it.

Bringing all three of these ideas together is, I think, an important part of being a teacher – we’re not technicians who just apply practice directed from above, but practitioners and creatives who will discuss, consider and implement our own ideas, thoughts and strategies into our classroom to (hopefully) the benefit of our students we stand in front of every day. That’s why I thought Talk, Think, Teach neatly summed up my approach to teacher. It’s my ethos, if you will.

Over time, I started to realise that sometimes a tweet here or there or a thread rambling on about some issue wasn’t enough for what I was wanting to get across, and I’d seen plenty of other teachers creating successful and insightful blogs, so I thought why not give it a go. There’s no harm. And that’s when Talk, Think, Teach was born!

So, hopefully, you enjoy what you read going forward!

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