Don’t just show up for the party

*This was a long post that I initially posted on my Facebook the day of Pride in London, and thought I would share it on here, too.

Today, London should have been packed full of crowds, rainbows everywhere and glitter dusted over every surface.

Today should have been #LondonPride but #COVID19 got in the way.

It’s a little bit more silent than usual, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate that #loveislove and show the world that: We are here. We are queer. Get used to it.

But it’s not all glitz, glitter & glam, it’s also a struggle. It’s a life struggle still to this day. The fight isn’t over, it is never going to be over.

We still live in a world where trans men & women are murdered, especially POC, it is still a world where young gay men + women are kicked out of their homes for being who they are, it still a world where conversion therapy is still not banned in the UK and other countries believed to be leading the way on #LGBT rights, it’s still a world where you have to check the levels of homophobia of a country & whether you could be arrest for simply displaying same-sex attraction before going on holiday, it is still a world where mental health issues, suicide, addiction, loneliness, violence, abuse & self hatred run rife within the queer community, it is still a world where you have to “check yourself” to make sure you’re not drawing attention to your queerness for fear of retribution from someone you “offended” or made “uncomfortable”, it is still a world where casual homophobia is rife within society.

We are still here. We are still living our lives & making that conscious political act to be who we are, day in and day out. And don’t get me wrong it is fabulous being a gay, but it is also exhausting.

It’s not always rainbows 🌈 and glitter ✨.

So to our straight allies who show up for the party, draped in their rainbows & cheering about how much they love the gays, take a moment. Take a moment to really educate yourself. Learn more about our struggles. About our lives. About the intersectionality with #BlackLivesMatter (which has thankfully helped raise conscious awareness to educate ourselves on issues we don’t live). About the queer history all around us and which shapes the world we live in & how the LGBT community lives today.

Don’t just show up for the party.

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